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Picnic Games To Keep The Kids Entertained (So You Can Relax)

We have spoken before about the simple pleasures of a picnic. There is no better way for friends and family to meet up, enjoy great food, fresh air, and each other’s company. Spending quality time with the people we love in a beautiful setting is our idea of the perfect day. However, kids don’t always get the memo. While the grown-ups are happy to relax, youngsters have energy to burn. Here are a few ways for them to get rid of that energy and stay amused, while you continue to do that relaxing you do so well.

Water Balloon Spoon Race: This is a new take on the classic egg and spoon race. Instead of eggs, the kids use water balloons which are far more difficult to balance than an egg. If a balloon bursts, there’s lots of wetness and hilarity but please make sure you clean up afterwards; the balloon fragments can pose a risk to birds and other wildlife.

Water Balloon Dodgeball: With the leftover water balloons, why not organise a game of dodgeball? Instead of a conventional ball, the players will have to dodge water balloons. If they get hit, they’ll get wet but this can be a fun way to cool down on a warm day. Again, please ensure you clean up every balloon fragment.

Sponge Race Relay: This fun game uses things you already have at home. You need two large sponges, two buckets of water, two jars and two teams. Mark a spot on the jars that will act as “finishing lines” – they’ll indicate when a jar is full. Have each player dip the sponge into their bucket of water, then run to the jar and squeeze the sponge into it, running back to hand the sponge to the next teammate in line. The first team to fill their jar wins!

Ring Toss: Ring toss is a classic picnic game that can keep kids distracted for hours. Ring toss sets are easy to find at your local discount store, making this activity a cheap one. It’s so simple to play, and set up. Place the stakes in the ground, select teams and have people take turns trying to get the ring onto the stake. The first team to get all the rings on, wins.

Picnic Basket Race. Want some help cleaning up after the picnic? Here’s a cheeky way to make the kids do it. Tell them they’re about to play a really fun picnic basket relay race. You’ll need at least two picnic baskets for this one, as well as utensils, blankets etc. The aim of the game is to have each player put everything back in the picnic basket first. The team with the first properly packed picnic basket wins. Yes, we know you’ve tricked them into doing the cleaning up for you, but we won’t tell them if you don’t.

Lots of fun ideas with a common link; they’re simple and easy to play. We wouldn’t be surprised if you end up joining the kids!

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