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How Colour Sets The Mood

Are you seeing red? Feeling blue? Or in the pink?.

We have long associated colour with how we feel, and there is an excellent reason for that. Scientific research suggests there is a strong connection between colours and moods, and we express that link in many ways. We’re very much on board with that thinking. In helping you set the scene, both outdoors and indoors, we are aware that we’re also helping you set the mood

The colours in a room could explain why you feel a little on edge when sitting in the kitchen of someone’s home. Or why you feel incredibly relaxed in the bedroom of your own home, and consider it your safe place when you want to retreat from the world for a brief moment. It all comes down to colour psychology.

A good example is the colour blue: psychologists say it is usually associated with blue skies, which brings back positive feelings from childhood because it meant playing outside and having fun. Evolution comes into play as well; blue skies mean no storms on the horizon and sun for the crops. Blue gives us a sense of stability and calm, and that is why our bedding in blue’s various shades are so popular. A bedroom should be a place of relaxation and serenity, and a blue theme within that room makes sense from that point of view.

Let’s look at a few other colours and how they might affect you.

Green is often thought of as being a colour that calms our emotions and given it reminds us of nature, that makes perfect sense. Who doesn’t feel a little more at ease while on a family picnic in a lovely park?

Yellow is associated with joy and playfulness, and because it can brighten your mood and energy levels in the morning, it is a popular choice as a colour for the kitchen.

Orange is all about excitement and enthusiasm and is often used in areas where energy is required, like a workout room or an office.

Purple, especially when dark or deep, arouses our creativity and makes us feel sophisticated, while lighter shades, like lilac or lavender, have the same calming qualities as blue.

And then, there’s red. The colour of power and passion! Desire and danger! Strength and status! It’s fair to say that red is a colour that arouses a vast range of emotions, and elicits just as many responses. It is a natural choice for ‘power dressers” and just as prevalent in indoor or outdoor settings where you want to make a dramatic impact. But such is red’s complexity, some people also feel it exudes a sense of warmth. However it is perceived, red is always a fascinating way to raise energy levels and the sense of occasion!

Colour psychology is real.

Maybe it explains how we choose our favourite colour; not because of the way it looks but because of the way it makes us feel? That’s something to keep in mind, whether you’re choosing a single cushion or a full set of bedding. We’d love to help you select the right colours for the right place because, remember, colour isn’t just something we see…it is something we feel.

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