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Elizabeth Logan Oliochi Photo Image Australian Designer


In 2014, Elizabeth followed her dream and began studying a Certificate IV in Design and then completed a Diploma in Textile Design at the International School of Colour and Design in Sydney. Elizabeth received industry awards from both Mokum and Porters Paints. Buoyed by her success and recognition, she began designing and developing luxury designer products that are known for their distinctive mix of colour palettes.


Elizabeth has always had a fascination for bringing bright colours together and the mood that this creates. She mixes inspiration from her own travels with her natural talent to put design and colour together to create products that are truly unique. Spending time in South America, Mexico, Cuba and Europe, Elizabeth was a keen observer of not just the natural landscape but also the urban outlook – the colours of the houses, the clothing and the food. In Morocco – Elizabeth studied geometric design, and this has added to her design process.


From a young age, Elizabeth has had a passion for fabric and the way fabric makes you feel which is why Oliochi products are known for their luxurious touch. Coming from a busy household of six, she is also keenly aware that the product needs to be durable and easy to care for.


For Elizabeth, it’s all about connection.


Designing a product that connects design, colour and fabric. Developing a product that enhances connection with family and friends.  


This is the Oliochi experience.

Welcome to Oliochi – exquisite design and luxury products by designer Elizabeth Logan.

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