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What To Pack For A Picnic In The Park

A picnic in the park is the ultimate in simple fun, and one of the nicest ways to catch up with family and friends. But much of that enjoyment can dissipate if you forget something important! To ensure that doesn’t happen, here is a handy checklist of what to pack.

Picnic Basket: This might look like a very obvious item but you’d be surprised how many people don’t have a dedicated picnic basket. They throw all manner of items into backpacks or shopping bags, and this is where things can be forgotten. The advantage of having a picnic basket is that it can be kept packed with everything you need in one place: plates, cups, cutlery, a tea towel, small cutting board, napkins, salt and pepper. With these things already in place, you can grab your basket and go.

Picnic Blanket: We have to include this – we’re picnic blanket specialists! The Oliochi Picnic Blanket combines style with functionality thanks to a top layer of high-quality water resistant canvas, a padded middle layer for extra comfort on harder surfaces and a 100% waterproof under layer. Wherever your blanket comes from it should be comfortable, durable and, as a bonus, easy on the eye.

Cushions or chairs: While our blankets are nice to sit on, some people prefer to be a little higher off the ground and that’s why our outdoor cushions are seen at all the best picnics! They’re like our blankets in many respects; durable and made from high-quality water-resistant fabric. Camping chairs are also handy for guests who are not as mobile as they used to be and find it a little difficult to stand after being seated on a blanket. It all comes down to understanding the needs of each guests and packing accordingly.

Food, glorious food: We’re all inspired in different ways when it comes to picnic food. Family favourites, seasonal recipes and must try dishes you’ve read about in your favourite magazine are all delicious additions to any hamper. But when considering your picnic menu, think about how you’ll store it, how long it will keep, how you’ll serve it and how much clean-up will be required.

Stay hydrated: Search for recipes for homemade lemonade or iced tea. These are popular with all ages. But whatever flavoured beverage you pack, take plenty of water with you as well and stay hydrated during the day, especially on warmer days. Invest in a decent cool thermos or drink dispenser to stop drinks from becoming too warm.

Something for the kids: While adults might be happy to relax on a blanket and catch up, kids will need to be entertained in more active fashion. That’s why it’s always a good idea to take a footy, a Frisbee, board games, or even a kite if room allows and doesn’t pose a danger to everyone else enjoying the park. Better still, ask the kids to bring along the things they most enjoy playing with – as long as it fits in the car, of course.

And a few extras to finish with:

Depending on what facilities are available at your favourite park, you may want to bring these things too:

- A portable BBQ and gas bottle

- Rubbish bags and a bin

- Lanterns for lighting if your picnic will continue into the evening

- An umbrella or beach tent for shade, and everything else you require to be sun smart while you’re outdoors.

- Towels for a swim

- Party decorations if you’re celebrating a special occasion.

The perfect picnic in the park is a happy and carefree occasion, but a little organisation and preparedness will see it go without a hitch, and that will put an even bigger smile on everyone’s face.

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